The Victorian era in the United States is the period of Queen Victoria's reign. From 1837 to 1901, it was a period of obvious social morality and belief. Victorian people love complicated and gorgeous objects, and this kind of harm permeates all design scheme industries such as engineering construction, furniture, interior decoration design, fashion trend, typesetting and commercial service plastic art.

an old photo of a person
    Victorian style has been harmed by their nostalgia for past objects. The Victorian style of interior design has been basically all over the page with images and fonts. The typical design style of the early Victorian style is the application of external decoration design boundary and careful typesetting. Symmetry is also widely used in rational layout and design.
    After that, Victorian style tends to use less boundary of decoration design, but still uses gorgeous types and brilliant artistic conception. Victorian styles are generally represented by curves or wavy patterns and are generally included in banners.