Futurism is not only a plastic art movement, but also a social development movement in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. Although this is Spain's situation on a large scale, it is similar in Ukraine, the United States and other regions. It focuses on speed, technicality, youth and explosive force, and its small cars, airports and industrial production cities. This movement not only looked down on some aspects of classicism, but also looked down on the opposition of Arts and crafts, which are not new and Upgraded items

a close up of a book
    Futurist artists are very successful. They often transform light and tone into a series of points or geometric patterns according to a whole process called distinguishing realism. Futurism has harmed many contemporary art movements in the 20th century, thus harming the development trend of modern art

To Recap, the main characteristics of the Futurism graphic design style are…

  • eclectic style
  • featuring or using new technology
  • offset text
  • some cubist influences
  • no traditional features